We asked an insider for his impressions, who went through this same process just a few weeks ago. Our colleague Adam studied technical physics with focus on semiconductors, actually with the dream to become a chip designer. However, his programming skills and problem analysis, as well as his adeptness in developing solutions, led him into software development, where he worked as a full-stack software developer and project manager. Since the summer of 2021, Adam has been working at citema as a (C++) software and database developer in the field of electrical engineering and feels that he has finally found a compromise between his passion and his career.

Adam, how did you first hear about citema?

Quite classically via LinkedIn. Here I was contactes by a recruiter of citema. We were talking about a new development project in the field of electrical engineering for which colleagues were still being sought. He described the project briefly, but to the point. I was honestly fascinated by his expertise. After all, it’s rare for recruiters to have a very good background in software engineering and to be able to answer most of the technical questions directly.

How did the application process continue afterwards?

After I submitted my application documents, an interview was directly scheduled with the recruiting and COO of the company. My technical experience was reviewed in a very professional manner. However, citema also placed great emphasis on my personality and ability to work in a team. In this interview and the two further rounds of interviews, we talked quite openly about all questions regarding the company philosophy and my job duties. I didn’t have the feeling that anything was being glossed.

Why did you ultimately choose citema?

citema has a modern philosophy and thinks differently than the other IT companies – I recognized that immediately. The company is transparent and open to new technologies and new processes. You feel that you can participate at citema, find compromises and solutions in order to be able to fulfill yourself and also achieve your goals within the company.

Remote Onboarding? Tell us about your first days at citema.

Exciting at the beginning, of course. But you immediately felt the relaxed and honest atmosphere in all the conversations I had that day via video call with the various departments, from C-Level to HR to my development team. That quickly took the tension away.

How have you been able to settle into your tasks and team so far?

Within my project team, my colleague Manuel was assigned to me as a supervisor. He introduced me to the new tasks bit by bit. From day one, the teamwork was great, and a simple system for visualizing my own goal achievement allowed me to track my development process and organize my work. My decision to join citema was confirmed the moment I was able to experience the company’s modern approach. The team, the tasks – it’s a match. Sometimes you just have to be lucky with a new job.

What advice can you give applicants?

Let yourself be inspired! Whether you are an experienced software developer or just finished university, your colleagues at citema will guide you, find the right tasks that match your skills, and help you get started.


We still have open positions in our team – apply now and get started at citema just like Adam did. Find our jobs here.