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Blockchain Consulting

For many decision-makers in companies, blockchain technology is still uncharted territory. In order to be able to tap into the diverse application possibilities and competitive advantages of this revolutionary technology, we offer workshops and training courses and accompany our customers in an advisory capacity during the complete implementation of their projects. We adapt the content of our workshops and our trainings to the individual needs of your employees or your company.

Our services

Blockchain Workshops

We offer professional support throughout the entire innovation process and help you to understand the possibilities and potentials of blockchain technology. Based on an analysis of your company as well as current developments, we identify the relevant use cases and business models for you and use recognized methods and tools.

Blockchain Trainings

Our experienced instructors provide you with exactly the practical and technical knowledge you need to apply blockchain technologies in your everyday business. We pursue the following learning objectives: Technical basics of blockchain technology. Overview of current blockchain platforms and solutions. Practical application possibilities. Methods for identifying suitable blockchain use cases.

Audit of Smart Contracts

We audit your smart contracts for vulnerabilities and bugs and perform functional and non-functional testing, including unit testing, security audits and simulation of smart contracts before release.

Technical Conception

We determine the technical approach suitable for your respective requirements and use cases of your blockchain project within the framework of a technical concept.