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Optimize IT Security

You want to operate your IT with the highest possible security. We support you in all technical issues related to IT security. Together with you, we analyze and define the necessary cyber security consulting and support requirements. In doing so, we put your individual requirements in the foreground and focus on ensuring the maximum level of IT security. Our range of services is therefore as diverse as your requirements and includes all support services for IT security in the context of planning, procurement, installation and parameterization, operation and security optimization of your IT infrastructure and IT components.

We offer consulting tailored to your needs, taking into account all aspects of IT security, because it makes a big difference against whom you have to defend yourself. Is it opportunistic petty criminals on the internet and you be the next mid-sized business in trouble because of compromised accounting? Or are the attackers organized ransomware gangs who have read in the commercial register how high your turnover is?

You've come to the right place, whether you need reinforcements for your Red Team or your Blue Team.

Red Team

Red always represents the attacker's side in IT security. A Red Team usually consists of several people who cover different areas of IT security and have specific expertise (including administration, networking, programming, protocols). Red Teams often include former or active hackers who use their knowledge for security assessments. The Red Team simulates attacks with the goal of detecting security vulnerabilities before they are exploited by an external third party.

A penetration test, i.e. a simulated attack on a company, is designed to show how an attacker can penetrate the company's systems. This attack could thus also be carried out by a cybercriminal. The company would be compromised. If a penetration test finds this attack path first, the company will be notified.

Blue Team

In IT security, blue refers to all measures that help protect against attackers. It is also referred to as hardening. The Blue Team is responsible for the security of the systems. Blue Team members analyze existing systems, eliminate vulnerabilities, and ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of measures. From a cyber security perspective, the Blue Team is the defender of IT systems and networks, and its members are often the organization's internal IT specialists.

A hardened system is much more difficult to compromise than a standard system. System hardening involves the implementation of measures that make an entire type of attack fall flat, rather than individual attacks. For example, if a penetration test determines that it is possible for manipulated input to execute a virus on a system in the enterprise, hardening measure will not block that one virus or input. Rather, it will take actions to make such tampered input impossible and prevent viruses from being installed in this way.

Purple Teaming

Red and Blue is Purple. Purple Teaming is the interaction of Red and Blue Teams. These measures are primarily used to train employees (administrators, developers, penetration testers, IT security officers). During a Purple Teaming deployment, both the attacks and the effectiveness of countermeasures become clear. Administrators learn which message in the network log can be an attack. This puts them in a better position to react to attacks and possibly block them. Security managers know which system to use effectively at which point. This helps to assess what is worth the money and where usability has to take a back seat. Penetration testers learn how to recognize effective measures and how to avoid detection - so they work more effectively on the next job.