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Your business model depends on the security of your information.

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ISMS Preparation

Starter Training Package Information Security (ISO27001 / TISAX):

  • Overview ISO 27001 / VDA ISA standard
  • Introduction to chapters and controls of the standard / TISAX test catalogue
  • Overview certification procedure ISO 27001 / TISAX

Gap Analysis & Protection Requirements Assessment (ISO27001 / TISAX)

ISMS Implementation


  • ISMS setup
  • Provision of document templates
  • Support in the creation of documents and guidelines
  • Establishment and support of the risk management process
  • Development of training concept
  • Support in the selection and introduction of technical measures


  • Development and execution of employee training and awareness training courses


  • Execution of internal audits
  • Execution of supplier audits

ISMS Maintenance


  • Support in the maintenance and revision of documents and guidelines
  • Review of documents and guidelines

ISBaaS (ISB as a Service)

  • Provision of an external information security officer (ISB / ISMS officer)

Cyber Security Consulting

We determine which measures make sense and are effective for your company.

  • IT Security Initial Consultation
  • Threat analysis (Threat Actor)
  • Review of existing architectures
  • Awareness training
  • Purple Teaming
  • DevSecOps consulting

Security Assessments and Penetration Tests

Planning and execution of security assessments and penetration tests

  • Web application assessments
  • Mobile / Embedded / IoT assessments
  • Cloud security assessments
  • Software assurance through static and dynamic software analysis (SAST / DAST)
  • Network infrastructure testing
  • Social engineering (Phishing)


  • DevSecOps consulting
  • Security awareness

System Hardening

Hardening of Systems

  • Elimination of security vulnerabilities
  • Operating system hardening
  • Hardening of IT applications
  • Network infrastructure hardening


  • Threat analysis (Threat Actor)
  • Review of existing architectures
  • Security Architecture Consulting
  • Awareness training
  • Security engineering
  • Purple Teaming

Unsere Zertifikate

ISMS Auditor / Lead Auditor nach ISO27001

Ethical Hacker CompTIA Pentest+

Cybersecurity Analyst CompTIA CySA+


Information Security Training

  • Starter Training Package Information Security (ISO27001 / TISAX)
  • ISMS training for Information security managers
  • Awareness training information security for employees

Cyber Security Training

  • Awareness training for employees
    • A USB stick on a key ring is just a USB stick.
    • Passwords can be read, no matter how complex they are.
    • How do I recognize forged mails?
  • Purple Teaming for administrators and SoCs
    • Look over a hacker’s shoulders.
    • Which message in the log is critical?
    • Which measure is efficient?
  • DevSecOps for developers
    • Avoid software bugs during development
    • Write maintainable and secure software
    • Tooling in the CI / CD pipeline
  • Assessment strategy and vulnerability management for IT departments
    • Introduction to SIEM, IDS and IPS
    • Vulnerability Management Solutions
    • Honeypots, Canaries and IOC

Unsere Zertifikate

ISMS Auditor / Lead Auditor nach ISO27001

Ethical Hacker CompTIA Pentest+

Cybersecurity Analyst CompTIA CySA+