In December 2020, our citema team was enriched by another nationality. Luiz moved to Munich after his master studies in computer science and first work experiences as a software developer in his hometown Rio de Janeiro and started at citema as a Java developer. Since then, he has been successfully supporting our team in the development of software for radio detection. Together with Luiz we reviewed his first six months at citema.

Luiz, tell us a little bit about your probation period – how did you settle in during your first months at citema?

I found the first few months at citema very pleasant. Above all, the cooperation in my team went very well from day one, which meant that I was able to learn a lot in a very short time.

Describe briefly your work, the environment at citema and the cooperation in the team?

At citema, I work as a Java software developer in an agile project, in which we develop the latest generation of software for radio detection, applying SCRUM and using current technologies and the latest findings. We all work 100% remotely, but meet regularly in online meetings to discuss current tasks and progress. In doing so, we all support each other. Questions about new topics or the next programming steps are always answered. Our project team is made up of colleagues with a wide range of experience in different technologies and IT areas, so the collaboration is really productive.

You’ve already mentioned it – due to Corona and our New Work concept, you worked exclusively from home for the first few months. What was your experience with the remote probation period?

Before working at citema, I never came into contact with remote work, so this was a completely new experience for me. In addition, I had just moved from Brazil to Germany. So with the new job in a new country, it was a big change. But although the way of working, the language and the cultures were new to me, I didn’t have major problems settling in. The helpfulness of my team colleagues played a major role in the quick and uncomplicated adjustment phase.

To what extent did you receive support and information from your manager, the HR department and the team?

I always received all the important information and quick support from my manager, the HR department and also within my team. The modern corporate structure of citema is definitely a big advantage here. I never had to run from department to department or from colleague to colleague to finally get answers to my questions.

The broad experience within our team also cushions challenges in the project very well. Together we always find a solution – our team cohesion is really one of the highlights for me at citema.

Where do you see your steepest learning curve since you have started working at citema?

In a very short time I came in contact with different and for me new technologies and applications like RabbitMQ, Spring Boot, MongoDB or Jenkins. So you could say, I was able to learn a lot during my probation period. I try to practice the new languages I learned in tutorials after work, so that I can apply them faster and better in my everyday work – but that’s my own personal demand… and I was also able to deepen the knowledge I learned in my studies and my previous employment while working at citema.

And what have you personally learned from your first six months at citema?

In my opinion, the heterogeneous development team at citema, and by that I mean the cooperation with colleagues who have different professional experiences, knowledge and backgrounds, is the best prerequisite for my motivation. These different influences allow me to develop not only professionally, but also personally. Without the culture at citema, a team could not develop in this way.


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