The first VDE Bayern Cyber Security Sundowner pursued one goal above all – to set impulses!

In line with the evening’s motto “Can you protect your company from cyber attacks?”, experts from the cyber security industry met entrepreneurs from medium-sized businesses at this event at Werk 1 and provided insights into the topics of IT security, information protection and hacking. What can prevention of cyber attacks look like and how must acute attack scenarios be handled responsibly, but also critically?

Our Senior Cyber Security Consultant Felix was on stage and pitched the topic “Hackers, cyber criminals, spies – What we must protect ourselves from – professionalization and task sharing in the cybercrime environment“.

Who exactly are the attackers? In his presentation, Felix gave an insight into the world of hackers, cyber criminals and spies. Their motivation for a cyber attack can vary greatly and is multi-layered from monetary reasons to ideological reasons. Thinking you are not a target of hackers and cyber criminals is a common misconception. Many companies and individuals ask themselves “Why would they attack ME of all people?” and suppress the need for action to avert a cyber attack. However, the question that should really be asked is “Why not?” Because the number of cases recorded by the police in Germany is rising rapidly. From 2020 to 2021, the number of cyber attacks increased by a full 15% to 124,500. Cyber crime is now a business model. Players collude, have their own marketplaces and learn from the “best”, such as intelligence agencies. Felix concludes: “Cyber security cannot be bought off the shelf. Each case requires an individual approach.

During the subsequent panel discussion, Felix answered questions from the audience alongside representatives from the Bavarian State Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Munich University of Applied Sciences and VDE. We would like to thank the VDE Bayern for the successful organization of this informative evening.

Link to the event

To be continued – more info on Cyber Security Sundowner 2023 to follow!



Photos: Rita Modl / VDE Bayern