Many SMEs in Germany, like citema group GmbH, offer highly innovative IT solutions using new technologies such as blockchain, AI and cyber security. But how can the German industry do an even better job of properly evaluating and utilize these potentials?

On Tuesday, January 10, 2023, Florian Hahn, Member of the German Federal Parliament (MdB), CSU and State Chairman of the Working Group on Foreign and Security Policy (ASP), as well as Peter Rief and Klaus Bayer from VDE Bayern visited us at our headquarters at Gut Möschenfeld. At this meeting, the citema group was able to provide deeper insights into the innovative power of a Bavarian, medium-sized technology company.

Together with citema CEO Rainer Keiditsch and colleagues, a lively discussion arose on the promotion of innovation in new technologies, the sheer endless possibilities for tamper-proof verification through blockchain technology, as well as the high relevance of cyber security measures for German companies.

There was a consensus: It is necessary to strengthen the enormous innovation potential of German technology companies, and especially SMEs, through interdisciplinary cooperation and educational work, so that the opportunities and possibilities of future market developments can be used even better. In this context, the ASP and the VDE are of great importance as excellent information and networking platforms. With their matching mechanisms and curated information offerings, they effectively support SME technology companies in their innovation projects.

We would like to thank all participants for the valuable exchange.



Photos: Corinna Keiditsch