Once again, we would like to thank all visitors to our it-sa booth for the highly interesting discussions.

Our three days as exhibitors at it-sa were filled with lively technical discussions and in-depth insights into the current needs and technology trends on the cyber security market.

The great interest in it-sa shows how real the threat posed by cyber attacks is for German companies. This year, with around 800 exhibiting companies, it-sa was the leading trade fair for IT security with the largest number of exhibitors worldwide, setting new IT security standards.

However, exhibitors were able to present themselves at it-sa not only with their own booth, but also via so-called actions. On Wednesday, October 11, citema’s Senior Cyber Security Consultant Andy Hadjic took the microphone and showed which cyber security aspects have to be considered for legacy systems and what concrete security measures can look like. An interesting contribution for all companies that have a wide variety of systems in diverse infrastructures in productive use for many years, if not decades, and place the focus for these systems on pure operation, less on security.

An insight into the live session on hardening of legacy systems can be found here: Link to Action “Implementing Cyber Security Requirements for Legacy Systems”

You missed us at it-sa? You can reach us all year round on the digital platform itsa365: Link to itsa365